English Institute

 ASA English Institute offers instruction in English for students ages 4 to 12 and for adults as well.


This program is designed to provide formal instruction in English to the general public as well as prospective and prospective ASA students. Children and adults are tested for their level of linguistic proficiency and then placed in a class of their level.  Students thus can progress faster with their written and verbal English, having no difficulty in doing their homework. For future ASA students, we offer this excellent opportunity to enroll in our ASA English Institute. We have an English program for students in 6th grade to 12th grade classes always start on the first Monday of each month.

When you are ready to enroll, call us (American Schools of Angola) to begin the application process at the English Institute Call 945-333-000 the assistance line of the Institute of English or send an email to:enroll@asangola.com.

How does Registration work?

● Registrations are open every month on the first Monday of each month - at least 8 classes;

● Students do not need to re-enroll monthly;

● You can subscribe (pay) for the following month at any time;

●  To remain enrolled, students must keep up with payments in a timely manner.

Essentially, English Institute are required to update payments by the end of the month. Students who do not have their payments cleared will not be allowed to attend classes early on.




ASA English Institute has as a teaching method through the implementation of computer technologies, verbal practice in small groups, card games and board games and grammar classes using a section rotation delivery system.       

Class Sessions: lessons of are an hour and a half, twice per week. All classes begin at 3:30 p.m.Experienced native English teachers along with local instructors will teach / supervise all classes.1.

Classes will include:


●    Units arebased on teacher supported computer technology;

●    Discussion will take place in small groups for the practice of speech (the class will be interacting with other interactive instructional methodologies);

●    Games ; Grammatical practice through writing;

●    Oratory practice in large groups.


General information: 

1.  The student should bring their own computer, a notebook and pen / pencil.

2.  The student must be on time to receive all the benefits of the program.

3.  Classes begin promptly at 3:30 p.m.

4.  Students will have computer-based tasks to do at home: an hour a day speeds up students' learning progress.


Where and when:


Students must attend two days a week. (Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday) Classes at Marginal's ASA English Institute (Marginal Campus) will begin on demand.


Fees: (non refundable) Sessions: Each session has 8 weeks long (two months) Eight lessons of an hour and thirty minutes - twice a week

For information respectively the values / costs of the English Course please call 945.333.000 or send E-mail to: enroll@asangola.com