Covid-19 statement

American Schools of Angola COVID-19 statement for

Academic Year 2021-2022 start


Due to Angolan law, our students will start off campus, online courses for grades K thru 12 on August 13th, 2021.


Dear community,

Health and safety are important to any school community—now and always.

At A.S.A., we have many ongoing ways to protect our students, staff and environment. Some are new and many have existed since our inception. The administrative team would like to detail these procedures to you, not ordered by prioritization. We always welcome your feedback.



Is the school still opening on the 13th August?

Under Angolan law, no school may open for students to physically attend at this time.


However, ASA starts remote learning with online courses for grades K-12 on August 13, 2021.

·         Grades 6-12 students receive their four core courses on August 13th with online teachers. English, math, science and social studies progress are actively monitored and reported to families. Students attend weekly remote lessons and additional tutorials. Elective courses are November thru December.

·         Grades 3-5 students receive their four core courses remotely on August 13th with online teachers and additional support from our learning coaches and School Psychologists.

·         Grades k-2 will start as our international teachers arrive. We anticipate this to be a September 6th start date.

·         ASA preschool will not start until August, 2022.


How will digital lessons be delivered?

Virtual lessons and online learning are at the foundation of our academic programs!

Our teachers are trained in blending classroom lectures with individualized learning goals. Learn more at

·         We offer adaptive English and math in elementary and middle school years.

·         Personal computers are required for grades 3-12 and tablets for younger learners

·         Using classroom management tools, we assist students and families hit their learning targets

·         Online grade book lets everyone stay focused on success

Where are the Teachers coming from? How do you ensure the quarantine period is sufficient?

ASA´s USA certified teachers are currently living in many countries. All Angola bound faculty will test for Covid 19 before departure, upon arrival and observe a 14-day Quarantine prior to campus classroom contact.

We provide housing for all expatriate teachers and thus control their quarantine. No teacher will be allowed inside the classrooms until after their legal quarantine is completed and a local doctor has issued a health screening.



How do you ensure a safer environment? Explain bio-security measures at ASA.

·         Air mister disinfects clothing as authorized people entering the veranda of our classrooms. One entrance and one exit are constantly monitored by security personnel.

·         Classrooms and bathrooms are cleaned daily with a disinfectant cleaner.

·         Door handles disinfected daily

·         Employees with unhealthy signs return home

·         Everyone must wear a face mask when interacting with another or less than one meter apart.

·         Hand soap is in every bathroom with clean facial tissues

·         Student and employees’ temperature scans happen each day

·         Virtual oculars are now an individually-purchased school supply

Where will students eat?

·         Elementary students will eat outside and older students can too.

·         Filtered water provided for everyone and individual water bottles are required.

·         Individual lunch boxes

·         Kitchen employees wash fruits & vegetables, sanitize all surface areas in the cafeteria, and are trained in proper food handling techniques

·         Our air-conditioned community room remains open during lunchtime for students grade K-12.

·         Snacks are served outside in the morning and afternoon

What will physical education and outdoor play look like?

Sports and recess are held outside. We might adjust outdoor classes to morning time as we approach summer. Outdoor umbrellas create shade and social spaces.

Please explain other, non-Covid-19 safety procedures?

·         Security guards and staff monitor students 08:30 a.m – 3:30 p.m.

·         Students not attending after school activities must be picked up at 3:30 p.m.

·         No visitors are permitted on campus during school hours

·         All staff present an annual police background check


American Schools of Angola always puts our community’s health at the top of its priorities.