Please feel free to schedule a school tour and to obtain our fees.  Call 945.333.000 to set a convenient appointment time. 


Fees are payable in full, prior to the first day of enrollment.  Fees include:  registration/re-registration, tuition, supply fees, technology fees, food program, and others that may be applicable.

If a payment plan is needed, parents are required to submit a detailed application for financial assistance.  This application will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.  


As an international American school operating also in Angola, we pride ourselves with bringing only the best academic resources for the best benefits of our students in parity to US standards.  This means all our faculty staff, curriculum, materials etc. are from the US, as such this also means that majority of our financial obligations are in foreign currency.


For this reason we implemented a policy that warrants all foreign students meet their yearly tuition obligation in foreign currency allowing us to mitigate the burden risen out of the current currency exchange challenges in Angola.


Angolan nationals and those paying tuitions in local currency will be billed in USD and requested to use BNA’s published commercial bank exchange rate USD to AOA on the day of payment.


If the should you have a question as it relates to this topic please contact us at: admin@ASAngola.com