Be Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary

These days, children must prepare for the uncertain future. Yet, experts in labor statistics, futurismand global trends tell us that there are huge challenges and changes in what lies ahead.  How do we all prepare for that? 


American Schools of Angola teaches students to embrace challenges and change:

·         Advocate and deepen communication skills

·         Be a positive leader yet also learn to collaborate on a team

·         Be well-informed about our global society and its interconnectedness

·         Embrace technology

·         Find win-win solutions

·         Learn from mistakes and problem-solve

·         Live the values and experience of a world class education




So often the difference between success and failure is confidence, motivation and work habits. Confidence to negotiate on a team, put forward an idea or simply to overcome temporary setbacks. The motivation to inspire others or follow a path you hope will lead to a viable solution. And, the work habits to master new technologies while developing career competencies.



American Schools of Angola… Teaching how to BE EXTRAORDINARY!