High Schools & Boarding

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High School and Boarding


Students who have finished their 8th year in school are considered high school students and can seek admission into our U.S. High School diploma granting program. 

ASA offers both day and boarding options at both schools for grades 9 – 12 (ages 14 – 17).

The school accepts students in January/February and August / September.  All other requests for irregular enrollment dates will be considered on an individual basis.

Previous grade level report cards and transcripts are required for enrollment consideration, as well as taking our iReady test and being interviewed.   (For more details see admission tab herein.) 


Non-Discrimination Admission Policy:


ASA adheres to a non-discrimination admission policy. 


Learning Disabilities:


Students whose academic or social emotional needs exceed the capacity of our professional staff will not be accepted.  Parents are expected to provide truthful complete information regarding their child, prior to enrollment, as non-disclosure of relevant pre-existing student issues can result in termination of enrollment.

All special education students will be accepted on an individual case by case basis.


English Instruction and Teachers     

English is the language of instruction and proficiency is emphasized as part of the program.  Our lead classroom teachers are all English native speakers. They are supported by international English-speaking teacher aides (learning coaches).  Additionally, we have a team of teachers providing virtual support services to our program.   

Low teacher pupil ratios ensure individualized attention to social-emotional development and academic success. 


Our motto is Be Extraordinary – we strive to assist each student to achieve this goal.