High School


High School


Grades 9-12

Students who have finished their 8th year in school are considered high school students. Our educational technology tools support the teaching and learning process, with online learning platforms, video conferencing, multimedia resources, etc., where our high school students must take five courses between each half of the academic year to be considered full-time. 

Our hybrid education system gives students and families flexibility by allowing for direct interaction between students and teachers, and fostering discussions, debates, and hands-on activities but also giving students the flexibility to access online learning materials at convenient times and from any location with internet connectivity 


Language proficiency requirement

Students must qualify at B2 English language proficiency standard by grade 9. 


Accreditation curriculum

Our USA highschool curriculum is accredited by AdvancED, Cognia and is also recognized by the Dept. of Education and National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Our State and Agency Approvals include:

  • EdSurge
  • EdCredible
  • GED Testing Service
  • Quality Matters Program
  • WebbAlign Parter Program
  • VPAT by Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
  • Certica Solutions NSQ Review
  • College Board
  • Learning List

Courses are taught in a hybrid system, with an online teacher in the US and a Teacher on ASA campus. Students can earn an internationally recognized diploma and move straight into universities all around the world. 


A typical day

Our high school students benefit from two certified teachers for each main courseone in Angola and one in the US, who work in a team to support and assist our students through their academic journey. Teachers and mentors intentionally review studentswork habits and behaviors in the context of our bell schedule to ensure adequate course progress. 

Our student-centered system enables students to progress at their own pace, review material as needed, and receive personalized feedback in their daily studies via high-quality as ynchronous online courses where courses last no more than 18 weeksat a time. 

One of the high lights of this academic system is that students who are self-motivated, ahead of pace, and can work independently, are more likely to graduate earlier than expected; meaning that ultimately, a student’s work habits and behaviors determine their graduation date. Ceremonies are arranged to celebrate this great accomplishment. 


Graduation credit requirements (21.5 minimum): 

4 specific English Language Arts credits 

3 mathematic credits including specifically Algebra I and Geometry 

3 science credits including specifically Biology and a physical science 

3.5 specific social studies credits 

1 fine or technical art credit 

7 career-prepcredits



 American Schools of Angola offers an accredited U.S. HS diploma, without leaving Angola!

That is ASA's true difference in delivering academic EXCELLENCE!