Query & Answer

What are your child safety policies?

·         Every employee must provide an annual police background check

·         We post security guards throughout our campus from 8:15 a.m. until 4:45 p.m.

·         Each classroom has a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, water cooler and bathrooms

·       Staff undergoes routine security training and has responsibility to conduct themselves according to our Health & Safety Protocol

·         Families are asked to update us with relevant medical information

·         Social distancing, hand washing & face masks-shields required by all

·         Limited class sizes


How do students learn skills at ASA?

ASA's response is clear: through opportunities to practice and real-life experiences. Our program recognizes individual differences, is student-centered (decisions are made with the contribution of the students and motivated by their best interest) and our classrooms are equipped with high technology. In short, we offer a US high school diploma to our graduates, without the need to leave Angola!


Does school cater lunch and snacks?

No. We no longer provide food service and every student is required to bring a morning snack and lunch, along with a refillable water bottle. We recommend painting a healthy diet and avoiding fast food, sodas, and candy for these meals. Please check our asa_healthy_eating_pdf_v1


Does the school provide tutoring?

Yes and no. Our elementary and middle school teachers provide adaptive English and math courses to specifically build from each student’s entry point. We find that these two courses tend to generate the majority of any school tutorial requests.


Does the school provide computers?

Students bring their own Chromebook computers and chargers. We specifically ask this brand because our I.T. department helps keep students digitally safe through monitoring software that interfaces with Chrome web browsers.


What should I bring to ASA

The first week of school, your child’s teachers will have other specific needs beyond the basics:

·         Chromebook (middle/high school) or tablet (elementary students)

·         Headset with microphone

·     Spill-proof refillable water bottle. Bottled water will be provided at the school for refilling these individual water bottles.

·         Something to write with and write on

·         Wear the school uniform daily—including appropriate mask

·         Sport uniform for daily physical education preschool thru grade 8


Does the school provide bus service?

No. A list of bus services may be provided to those parents that want to contract directly (at their own expense) with a provider of transportation services.