Middle School

Middle School


Grades 6 – 8

Students ages 11 – 13 join our middle school. This year, our Humanities classroom theme is Trade Routes & Commodities.

In our STEM classroom, our science fair competition will be impressive! Math comes alive with gamified fun and adaptive daily lessons. And, we might just stop-drop-and-code to show our community how talented web design & illustrations we are.


English Language Learner Program

English is the language of instruction and proficiency is developed over time. English native speakers lead the Humanities and STEM classrooms; locally-hired Portuguese-speaking learning coaches and other professionals assist the learning goals of our middle school program. Learners with weak English skill receive academic intervention at their adaptive level.


Accredited curriculum

Our middle school students are curious about all sorts of topics and we provide inquiry-based learning projects, career exploration and inverted, blended lessons to spark their interests in academics.

USA Common Core curriculum standards of English, math and social studies are at the heart of our adaptive software and teacher-led lessons. Next Generation science standards bring us physical, life, earth and space units of learning.


A typical day

Low teacher-pupil ratios ensure individualized attention to social-emotional development and academic success. 


Our motto is Be Extraordinary – we strive to assist each student to achieve this goal.