10 Benefits of Virtual Reality In the Classroom
As a groundbreaking new technology Virtual reality (VR) is opening doors in education to allow students to take field trips that could only have been imagined before. Examples include swimming under the sea, roaming the moon, handling the human heart or traveling back in time. At American Schools of Angola we proactively invest in the technology to bring these experiences to our students, and we have watched with joy as we witness their love of learning find real enthusiasm from a virtual experience. Our students have learned they are not bound by the borders of Angola or Africa or even the world. We wanted to take a moment and share the 10 Benefits of Virtual Reality we have discovered in our classrooms (...and maybe a little about what we hope it will someday become).
8 Ways Collaborative Walls are Inspiring Extraordinary Students at American Schools of Angola
American Schools of Angola makes use Collaborative Wall technology to engage our students in team building, school projects, and decision making frameworks. It allows them to touch the technology of the future while becoming extraordinary problem solvers.
In Memoriam
American Schools of Angola is grieved by the passing of Dr. Morgan Laury who sat on our school advisory board. Please take a moment to read our tribute to this man. We appreciate the services he provided to our school.
Community Outreach at American Schools Angola English Institute
English language support to students in Angola
Exame Magazine highlights American Schools of Angola

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Using Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps in the Classroom
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