Support Services

Support Services

Grounded in a philosophy of humanism and solution-focused conversations, our Special Populations Department responds to the needs of our full community. Make an appointment with our team to learn more about how we wrap whole child support around families.


Accommodations for students with different abilities

Whether your child has a diagnosed disability or you have an intuition there is something holding your child back from their full potential, we are here to help.


Staff specialized educators and psychologists provide a range of professional services to meet your family needs. Discuss which classroom and environmental accommodations could scaffold support and let your child realize their academic, social, and behavioral goals during their education with us.


Gifted & Talented program

When students are particularly talented in a specific area, including but not limited to intellect, we wrap additional support to challenge their development even further. Our services include lesson enrichment inside the traditional classroom and resources for the adults at home.


Brief psychological therapeutic interventions for individuals

By focusing on solutions, our licensed psychologists build upon the inherent capabilities of young people to understand what changes need to be made in life to achieve one’s goals. We provide confidential interventions that typically last one to three sessions. Please learn more about these structured Brief Therapeutic Interventions here.


Complimentary family consultations

Every family benefit from people that have experience working through issues.


We are glad to help you create a roadmap to navigate through changes in relationships, positive discipline practices and listening to your family dynamics to offer insight. Early evening and Saturday appointments are available.


Community referrals for long-term treatment

If your desire long-term therapy or we do not have the specialist your child needs on our staff, we refer to community partners in Luanda or internationally. These services might include occupational, speech, psychological or many other areas of child developmental needs.


Many services can be performed over the Internet with strong results.


School-wide social & emotional curriculum inside classrooms

ASA integrates social and emotional lessons into our classrooms and our mentorship program. Afterall, global citizenship and culturally-sensitive leader skills are developed out of strong curriculum, inquisitive minds and a community of people.


·         Inquiry-based lessons focus on interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

·         Socratic questioning at early ages

·         Mental and physical health curriculum integrated into all courses

·         United Nations awareness campaigns



Academic assessment & support for dyslexia or other abilities

Our multi-lingual staff can assess common disorders that impede a student’s success in school. Depending on the nature of the disability and the academic language of the child, our specialists analyze presenting concerns, collect viable data and synthesize them in a Study Team that includes the family.


ASA has professionals on staff and a network of community partners that can assess and treat learning abilities and developmental delays.