flippedblended learning model ensures attention to detail, and quality, and maintains accreditation for the school.  

Chromebook instead of textbooks - As a 21st-century school, we are a bookless school.
Digital Platform 
for Classroom management 100% In-Classroom or Remote
Students complete their coursework utilizing their Chromebook or tablet, depending on their age.


In-Classroom Technology

Collaborative Walls - In-Classroom and or Remote Collaboration
Interactive Display - In-Classroom Smart Board instead of White Board
Interactive Tables - Touch tables for content interactivity

Virtual Reality (VR)°Class VR  °Oculus VR Headset  °Vive VR Headset  
Students take field trips that could only have been imagined before. Examples include swimming under the sea, walking on the moon, visiting the international space station, holding the human heart, or traveling back in time.

Individualized Learning comes alive with fun pedagogical software. ASA constantly researches and updates our Digital, Adaptive, DifferentiatedGamifiedand Interactive technology to offer the highest quality comprehensive curriculum.











Students at American Schools of Angola propel their learning to extraordinary levels using collaborative tools.

·       Our students become this way technologically aware users of the 21st-century world