Child Development Center



ASA Child Development Center 

Welcome to ASA Child Development Center, where we deeply value the uniqueness of every child.  Since the inception of the school, our goal has been to provide an inclusive ecosystem for every child to blossomIt has been our heartfelt mission to ensure that every child who walks through our doors feels a profound sense of belonging. We are dedicated to helping each flourish through our personalized psychoeducational program, tailored to their specific needs. Effectively driven by a team of qualified special educators, psychologists, and therapists, the Child Development Center at ASA is one of its kind. Based on the need assessment we follow the following pathway at CDC:  


Step 1: Assess Current Skill Levels 

  • Take a milestone development test for each child to determine their current skill levels. 

  • Record the results to identify areas where children may need improvement. 

  • Document observations and specific challenges or strengths for each child. 


Step 2: Individualized Program Development 

  • Based on the assessment results, create an individualized development plan for each child. 

  • Identify specific skills that need improvement for each child. 

  • Set clear and achievable goals for each skill area. 

  • Design age-appropriate activities and exercises to address the identified skill gaps. 

  • Consider the child's interests, learning style, and pace when designing the program. 


Step 3: Collaborative Skill Development 

  • Work together with each child to implement their individualized program. 

  • Provide consistent guidance, support, and encouragement. 

  • Utilize a variety of teaching methods and materials to engage the child. 

  • Regularly assess progress and adjust the program as needed to meet evolving needs. 

  • Communicate and collaborate with parents or caregivers to ensure consistency at home. 

  • Celebrate achievements and milestones reached along the way. 


By following these organized steps, you can effectively assess children's skill levels, create tailored programs, and work collaboratively to help them reach their developmental goals. This approach will promote a holistic and supportive environment for skill development in a child development center.