Kindergarten at the American School of Angola  

At the American School of Angola, our early learning programs are designed to integrate play-based approaches with meaningful technological experiences al based on a student-centered dynamic 

Beyond our dynamic curriculum, our students thrive through specialized classes, including Physical Education (PE), arts, and STEM, fostering creativity. Guided by a personalized developmental track facilitated by our child development center, we ensure that your child not only excels academically but also unlocks their full potential.  

Great news! Don’t worry about inflexible enrollment procedures. Students may enroll at any time from August through May, providing flexibility for families throughout the academic year. 


Lower Elementary at American School of Angola   

Our dynamic curriculum guarantees that the fun never stops and ensures that your child learns according to the USA curriculum standards. We continue to track their development; it is our way of ensuring that we provide them with the specific tools they need to make the most of each moment and give them the right foundation for growth and shine.


Discover our approach, it is not just about learningit's about being extraordinary 

  • Language Immersion: Immerse in English proficiency. Our team of both local and foreign educators ensures a friendly use of English, guaranteeing a supportive environment for learning and language use. 

  • Personalized Discovery: Match curiosity with tailored learning in a perfect blend to cultivate a passion for education. 

  • STEM Adventures: Explore creativity and extraordinarily meaningful earning 

  • Hands-On Exploration: Engage in practical learning through exploration 

  • Cultivate Critical Thinking: Develop critical thinking skills through our interactive approach 

  • Foundations: Explore geography, math, and science through our curiosity-driven activities 

  • Social Growth: Nurture collaboration for complete social development.  





These highlights embody the spirit of "Be Extraordinary," showcasing the exceptional educational experience at the American School of Angola. Your child's journey of growth and discovery begins here, in our extraordinary way 


Upper Elementary

We redefine education for upper elementary grades (3 to 5) by seamlessly blending online curriculum and hands-on activities. Cultivating well-rounded learners who excel academically and thrive in real-world scenarios is our goal.  

Our curriculum is tailor-made for upper elementary students, offering dynamic and interactive online lessons that cover core subjects such as mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. Engaging visuals, multimedia resources, and interactive quizzes make learning not just educational but exciting too! 

Our platform combines the best of both worlds to cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring a holistic educational experience 

Embark on a sparkling language-learning journey guided by our team of experienced expat and national teachers during these critical developmental years. Here, students gain a profound understanding of the significance of clear communication, refinement of research skills, and mastery of self-management. Join us on this transformative educational path, where the expertise of our dedicated teachers ensures a rich and empowering language-learning experience.  

Key Skills Cultivated by Our Young Learners: 

📎 Critical and Creative Thinking 

🎤 Effective Communication 

🧠 Deep Content Knowledge 

💡 Confidence in Problem Solving