Healthy Living

Healthy Living


Filtered water

Students bring spill-proof water bottles daily to stay hydrated. We provide filtered water throughout our campus.


Supporting Healthy Eating

Children and youth spend a large part of their day at school, it is important for them to have opportunities to have healthy foods and drinks while they are at school. 

Find the guidelines to equip learners with the knowledge and skill to support increased access to nutritious foods and drinks at school, and to reduce access and intake of highly processed foods.



Physical Education Program

ASA has in its sports activities program physical education classes designed to develop of younger classes (lower and upper elementary) as well as the Olympic program which starts from the middle school classes and extends to the high school classes.

In physical education classes, physical conditioning, teamwork, development of concentration, balance, action and reaction are emphasized for the development of a healthy lifestyle that promotes well-being.

Taekwondo is a South Korean martial art that promotes discipline, motor coordination, character development and self-confidence.

Taekwondo is also an Olympic sport, and like any elite school that has Olympic sports in its physical activities such as fencing, Greco-Roman wrestling, basketball, rugby or badminton, ASA chose Taekwondo as way to follow this adopted sporting trend by the best schools in the world.

Through sport, our students learn how important effort and dedication is to achieve their goals, but always in a sense of friendship and mutual help.


School cafe

We will inform students and parents when our new café is built on Block 2 of our extended campus.